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Michael Boylan and Gillian O'Connor Solicitors

Our People

We understand the profound trauma that can accompany a damaging medical accident and so we treat all victims with the respect and dignity they deserve. We understand the complexity of such legal proceedings. We are an experienced senior team who will support you every step of the way.

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our medical negligence claims expertise

Our Expertise

We are a group of like-minded specialist litigators with a specialist focus on medical and other professional negligence cases. Our experience means we are true experts in our field. We therefore deliver our services with humanity and empathy at our core.

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Sodium Valproate Scandal

Michael Boylan is currently acting for a number of women and children who have suffered birth defects as a consequence of being negligently exposed to the effects of the anti-epilepsy drug sodium valproate, commonly marketed as Epilim. This involvement stems from the widespread Sodium Valproate Scandal.