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Settlement for 81 year old for negligently mis-prescribed antibiotic

Mis-prescription of Tavanic (Levofloxacin) anti-biotic. 

Consequences: Achilles tendon rupture.

The Plaintiff, now 81 years of age was an organ transplant and cancer survivor who attended the Oncology clinic of his treating hospital for a routine check-up. He was diagnosed with a respiratory infection by the treating registrar who prescribed the anti-biotic “Tavanic”, 500 mg once daily for 10 days.

The Plaintiff obtained the prescription from his pharmacy the same day. Despite this, the Plaintiff’s condition deteriorated and was admitted to hospital a week later with reduced renal function. Prior to attending his oncology clinic, the Plaintiff was on steroid medication of 5 mg daily which when admitted to hospital on the 10th of December was increased to 35mg daily and thereafter, gradually reduced. However, within three or four days of admission, the Plaintiff began to complain of pain in his right Achilles tendon and calf. Gradually, the Plaintiff went on to develop Achilles tendon rupture in his right leg with a suspected Achilles tendon rupture in the left also. Tendon rupture is an adverse side effect of Levofloxacin anti-biotics.

Levofloxacin is a member of the Quinolone family of anti-biotics. It is noted that tendon damage, including rupture, has been a reported rare side effect in patients receiving Quinolone. However, tendon rupture may occur within 48 hours of starting treatment. It also noted that Quinolones are contra-indicated in patients with a history of tendon disorders, patients over 60 years of age and those who use corticosteroids. The Defendant’s Consultant Registrar was negligent in prescribing the Levofloxacin anti-biotic as it was a poor choice for an initial anti-biotic for respiratory infection, the dosage was in fact incorrect and the Registrar failed to view the warnings about the risks of tendon damage including the fact that the Plaintiff was over 60 years of age, previously had suffered from Prostate cancer and as a result, was on a daily treatment of steroids.

As a result of the mis-prescription, the Plaintiff went on to develop Bi-lateral Achilles tendon rupture, and required assistance with a walking stick as a walking aid, with neuropathic pain down both legs.

At Defence stage, the Defendant hospital admitted liability and the case was settled for €250,000 plus costs within 14 months of instruction.

If you have been effected in a similar way as a result of the prescription of a Ciprofloxacin or Levofloxacin anti-biotic you may contact Gillian O’Connor, Partner who acted as lead solicitor in the above case while working for her previous firm.