Medical Negligence

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Remote settlement during COVID-19 Award of €100,000 agreed for mistreated wrist fracture

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all cases requiring oral evidence have been adjourned generally, save for those involving Plaintiffs with terminal diagnosis and severely reduced life expectancy. However, we are pleased that we have been in a position to continue to resolve and progress cases on behalf of clients. One such an example is of a recent settlement in which a settlement in the sum of €100,000 was secured for negligent care afforded to our client during the course of a repair of a wrist fracture. Our client injured his wrist and suffered a fracture of same as a result of a fall at his family home. He subsequently underwent surgery in Mayo University Hospital and he was advised that the surgery was entirely successful and had a number of outpatient reviews thereafter. At reviews our client complained of significant swelling, loss of feeling, pain and lack of functionality of his hand, but he continued to be reassured. Our client prompted both by his physiotherapist and family members sought a second opinion. Our client presented to this second Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, copies of the imaging he had taken in Mayo University Hospital and this second Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon was able to advise our client immediately that a screw which had been used in the fixation of the original fracture had penetrated the ulnar head. Our client required subsequent surgery to remove this offending screw and also a manipulation of his shoulder which had become frozen as a result of the prolonged period of his arm in sling. Our client unfortunately experiences reduced functionality of the wrist and loss of sensation in some fingers. The case was successfully settled for the sum of €100,000.