Medical Negligence

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MBLLF secure €375,000 damages for dental negligence for a woman who sustained nerve damage following root canal treatment

Our client underwent root canal treatment during the summer of 2019 by the Defendant who was her general dental practitioner. Following the procedures, a number of painkillers were prescribed and antibiotics. When she attended again it was recorded that there was a crack in the crown. The radiograph taken on this occasion showed the first signs of pathology developing above the root apex which corresponded with our client’s ongoing symptoms of pain.

Our client continued to experience persistent symptoms of pain and sought a second opinion in September 2019. An x-ray and our client was advised that the rod which had been placed in the tooth was too wide and had gone through the root. He also noted there was radiological signs of infection still present.

Our client retuned to the Defendant at which time he removed the root filing and prescribed antibiotics.

Further root canal treatment was carried out by the Defendant in which the original root filling was partially removed and an antiseptic dressing was applied. Our client recalls that the removal of debris from the tooth caused severe acute pain. At this time the Defendant indicated to our client that the root had been damages and that he would refer her to one of his colleagues.

Our client then attended a Specialist Endodontist who made a diagnosis of an acute apical abscess. Radiographs taken showed signs of pathological breakdown above the root apex and remnants of the original root filling at the root apex of the tooth.

Our client was advised that on the balance of probabilities the original root canal treatment failed due to a lack of adequate aseptic isolation and lack of the use of a dental dam by the Defendant.

Our client has since been referred to various other dental and medical clinicals for specialist opinions, remedial endodontic treatment, neurological and maxillofacial investigations. The tooth was eventually extracted due to our client’s persistent symptoms. However, unfortunately she continues to experience symptoms of chronic pain to date.

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