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€375,000 damages awarded to lady who suffered Fistula Post-Hysterectomy

Michael Boylan Litigation Law Firm acted on the instructions of a lady who suffered an enterovaginal fistula following the performance of a hysterectomy by a private Consultant in a Galway hospital.

The Plaintiff was referred to the Defendant Consultant Gynaecologist with symptoms of uterovaginal prolapse and it was determined that the best course of action was a vaginal hysterectomy with suspension procedures. The Plaintiff was correctly advised regarding risks and benefits and consented to undergoing the planned surgery.

Accordingly, the surgery was performed by the Defendant Gynaecologist and the surgery itself was recorded as an uncomplicated hysterectomy by the Defendant. The Plaintiff was discharged home two days following surgery despite the fact that she had not yet opened her bowels despite two microlite enemas.

The Plaintiff was readmitted to hospital some six days later having passed faeces from the vagina. On examination it was noted that there was a frank enterovaginal fistula.

Unfortunately, the Plaintiff required care from a Colorectal Surgeon to repair the fistula and an ileostomy was required for a period of time. Unfortunately, that was not the end of the Plaintiff’s complaints as she went on to suffer incisional hernias at the site of the ileostomy resection for which she required further surgeries.

Michael Boylan Litigation sought and obtained independent expert opinion which found that the Plaintiff had been afforded substandard care which caused the injuries complained of. We issued proceedings and in time liability was admitted by the Defendant.

Despite this admission of liability matters progressed until the day of trial when the case then successfully settled for a total sum of €375,000 to the satisfaction of the Plaintiff.