Medical Negligence

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€300,000 settlement on foot of unnecessary hysterectomy

Michael Boylan Litigation successfully brought an action on behalf of the Plaintiff against the HSE after their agents/staff in a regional Hospital carried out an unnecessary hysterectomy.

The Plaintiff, who had completed her family, had a history of breast cancer on foot of which she was prescribed a medication known as Tamoxifen. The Plaintiff began to experience severe pelvic pain and bleeding as a side effect of the drug and she was referred to a Consultant Gynaecologist by her Consultant Oncologist. Rather than conservatively treating the endometrial hyperplasia caused by the Tamoxifen, a known side effect of the medication, or considering an alternative drug treatment, the Defendant proceeded to an emergency hysterectomy.

Unfortunately, the Plaintiff went on to experience a number of sequelae arising from the hysterectomy – infection and damage to her ovaries – both of which required further, and separate, surgical treatment.

Having now underwent a number of pelvic operations the Plaintiff experiences ongoing bowel problems and significant pelvic pain, for which she is under the care of a Consultant in Pain Management.

The team at Michael Boylan Litigation succeeded in securing the Plaintiff a settlement of €300,000 plus her legal costs.