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Spinal Injury Claims

In Ireland on average one person every week sustains a spinal cord injury which can be as a result of medical negligence from treatment or surgery, a road traffic accident, or sporting injuries. Spinal Cord Injury is damage to the spinal cord by trauma or disease resulting in a loss of mobility and feeling. The extent of the injury can vary widely depending on the location of the damage to the spine and its severity.

Spinal Cord Injuries can have devastating effects on people’s lives, leaving the injured person paralysed and dependent on others in the more severe cases. These injuries can also affect bladder control, sexual functioning and fertility, impairment of mobility, pressure sores, control of blood pressure and body temperature and it can lead to respiratory problems. Injury to the spinal cord in the medical negligence context, can be caused by infection entering the spinal canal, injury sustained during spinal surgery and compression of the spine such as that caused by disc prolapse. Unfortunately, injury to the spinal cord during the course of medical treatment and surgery is sometimes unavoidable. However, in many cases it can be prevented. Many conditions which can lead to spinal cord injuries if left undetected and untreated can be successfully treated if diagnosed at the appropriate time. In circumstances where the damage caused to the spine could have been prevented had an appropriate standard of medical care been provided, you may have a claim for compensation. The medical negligence team at Michael Boylan Litigation Law Firm have a vast experience in dealing with Medical Negligence claims arising out of spinal cord injuries.


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