First Application to Cervical Check Tribunal

Michael Boylan Litigation is pleased to act on behalf of the first applicant to the Cervical Check Tribunal. Whilst very much aware that the Tribunal does not remove or negate all of the issues which make a High Court case so difficult and personally trying for a Plaintiff, in particular the Tribunal is similar to the High Court an adversarial process, we are pleased that having discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both processes with our client, that she made the informed choice to proceed via the Tribunal and we welcome recent correspondence from the Tribunal which suggests that the process should be expeditious.

We are also pleased to note that the HSE is willing to consent to the Tribunal process and we await hearing from the laboratories involved.

Again, whilst the Tribunal may not take the format that was promised or envisaged by many women affected on the basis of descriptions provided by the body politic, we do hope that the Tribunal will allow for an expeditious and private resolution of matters for our client, and any other client who makes the decision in their own interests to apply.

In the meantime, we continue to act on the instructions of a number of clients who have been similarly affected by the Cervical Check scandal and who have favoured the High Court process. We will continue to prosecute all claims associated with this particularly tragic issue whether that be via the Tribunal or traditional High Court proceedings – and we will advise our clients and engage with any of the Defendants/Respondents where mediation is possible as another alternative route for dispute resolution.