Approximately €21 million compensation to date for Michael Boylan Litigation clients who suffered Pandemrix induced Narcolepsy


In November 2020, the High Court approved a Settlement Scheme for individuals who developed an incurable sleep disorder and a debilitating auto immune condition (Narcolepsy) after receiving the swine flu vaccine over ten years ago. This Scheme, as negotiated by our Firm with the Defendant is a ground breaking development as it is the first vaccine compensation scheme in the history of the State.

Under the Settlement Scheme, Plaintiffs will receive a €25,000 “bonus” sign-up fee in addition to their settlement award. Further, in a significant development, it was agreed that any financial compensation received through the Settlement Scheme will be disregarded when assessing a person’s means for eligibility for State supports such as a medical card, prescription costs and Disability Allowance payments. The monetary value for each plaintiff of maintaining a medical card and disability allowance payments for life is approximately €500,000. This is in addition to the bonus sign-up fee and monetary compensation.

Since the introduction of the Settlement Scheme, our firm has managed to settle through the scheme approx. 20% of the total outstanding claims and has secured approximately €21 million in monetary compensation for clients through the Settlement Scheme to date. We, at Michael Boylan Litigation, are delighted to have achieved what we believe is the very best outcome for each client. This is clear from the level of damages realised so far through the scheme together with the reassurance that state benefits will remain in place for life despite receipt of monetary compensation.

We look forward to securing appropriate compensation for our remaining clients who have Pandemrix induced Narcolepsy through the Settlement Scheme in the remaining quarter and continuing into 2022.