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Accident & Emergency Claims

These claims can arise from improper care provided in an accident and emergency department. Sub-standard care in an accident and emergency department can cause catastrophic injuries and mistakes made can have a devastating effect on the patient and his/ her family.

Just as there is a wide variety of injuries which are dealt with by an accident and emergency department, there is also a wide variety of claims which can arise.

Examples of these types of claims include where:

  • there has been a failure to refer patients for further investigation/follow up
  • there has been a failure to identify a fracture / cauda equine / spinal injury
  • there has been a misdiagnosis resulting in a failure to treat appropriately
  • a patient is discharged and then suffers a heart attack

We have years of experience of successfully representing individuals and families as a result of negligence which occurred in an Accident and Emergency Department.

Recent cases of note

  • Damages for Plaintiff who suffered delayed diagnosis of cancerous tumour in his knee Former opera singer awarded €755,000

  • Substantial six figure settlement for the family of man who died following admission to hospital with severe nose bleed

  • Settlement of €325,000 for woman who suffered undiagnosed appendicitis and subsequent rupture

  • €95,000 damages for perforation to colon following colonoscopy

  • €925,000 on behalf of Dublin woman who required a left leg amputation as a result of a failure to diagnose a Malignant Tumour

  • Case involving delay in diagnosis of a neck fracture

  • Recently Completed Medical Negligence Casesv

  • Substantial damages for nervous shock and costs of representation at inquest Settle medical negligence action for drug overdose.